Welcome to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service License Trade Up Program

The BlackBerry License Trade up Program is no longer available but there’s still a simple and affordable way to upgrade your legacy BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) CALs. The BlackBerry Software Assurance program allows you to upgrade your BES 5 and earlier perpetual licenses to BES10 v10.1 perpetual licenses.
How do I get it?
BlackBerry Software Assurance is included with BlackBerry Technical Support (at the Advantage Support level or higher) or you can also subscribe to BlackBerry Software Assurance on an annual basis. To learn more about this offer, review the BlackBerry Software Assurance datasheet.
If you wish to purchase BlackBerry Technical Support Services click here.
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IMPORTANT: This tool will migrate your licenses to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 v10.0. To migrate your licenses to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 v10.1, click here.